Zumba? I’ve heard of it…

Does that sound familiar? Of course it is, since we have had Zumba flyers announcing summer classes- comments like this one have been flying all-about! If  you like to dance, like to have fun and enjoy aerobic classes that are like a dance party, then this class is for you! I promise you, it will be without a doubt the most fun you have ever had and before you know it, you’ll be sweating! Our goal is to have the gym FULL on July 8th for our debut class–> come and try something different! You might just love it, in fact, we know you will!

And next time you hear someone ask about “Zumba”, you’ll be the first to correct them and invite them to the dance party on Wednesdays at 12:15pm in the gymnasium of the YWCA Hamilton on MacNab Street!

* Not a member? You can drop-in the class for a nominal fee- check at our registration desk and for more info call 905-522-9922 ext. 138


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