Alarm Clock rings, yikes…aches and pains…

Are you training hard? or just had one of those tossing and turning nights and feeling aches and pains in the morning? Whether you’re working out hard or NOT and whether you’re young or old, stretching should be a part of everyone’s routine. How can you be expected to recover if your muscles never come out of the “tightness stage”. Do yourself a favour, preserve your joints, keep your muscles healthy and enable yourself to workout and be active for a LONG time… do a little stretching!

Remember that static stretching is only for warm muscles (i.e. at the end of your workout) whereas dynamic stretches can be done at any time ; their main purpose is to get your body and muscles ready for the work ahead (they should mimic the exercise or activity you are about to execute, i.e. knee and straight leg lifts for running).

For those of you who can’t touch your toes, no worries my friends. Stretching is gained through practice, much as ones fitness level, so stretch it if you don’t want to loose it… Until next time, keep moving!


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