Fitness: skyscraper stair-climbing

Folks, you’ve heard it before, climbing stairs has TONS of benefits: from strengthening lower body muscles to improving cardiovascular health to dropping pounds- the list goes on… Of course on your first climb, I wouldn’t suggest “the CN Tower” or the Skyscraper BUT living in Hamilton, you sure have some alternatives!  Why6 not try to Dundurn Stairs OR the Wentworth stairs (a few of many more). If you live near the escarpment or are able t o travel to the area, you can take your pick of which sets of stairs to train on! Of course looking from the bottom-up is quite nerwracking but let me tell you that there is no greater feeling than making it to the top and looking at what you’ve accomplished in such a short period of time! Oh and remember our chat about interval training and its benefits… well folks, stair climbing is interval training at its peaks! So go on, climb…all the way to the top!



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