Mind over matter- cliche or not?

Have you ever had those days when the right intentions are present BUT you just can’t seem to get out and going? Whether its the morning and your mind is thinking :” do I sleep in or get dressed for the gym?” or it is after work :” do I go home and make dinner or do I head in for a quick run?”… well of course our intentions are in the right corner BUT do we always do the right thing? All requires will power, and know that will power is more easily found when we have an end goal! Pick a goal and work hard to acheive it! Want to look toned in your bathing suit? Want to complete a 5km run? Want to start spinning? and the list goes on… each goal you set has to be specific, attainable, timely and you need to have a plan or action! Don’t set out for something you know is impossible to acheive, you want to challenge yourself within your range of capabilities! If you need help with your goal setting, book an appointment with one of our fitness experts; in a consultation you’ll be asked questions that will for sure help you narrow in on a goal that is more specific! Dream Big and Acheive the impossible!~


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