Don’t believe everything you hear…

Isn’t it true that we are thirsty for answers to everything… to our own diagnosis? We all want a magical equation or potion that will get us the results we want without having to endure the transition periods. Let me tell you that to weight loss and maintenance, there is no magic pill or magic exercise. There is so much information out there (internet, papers, etc…) but do not believe everything you hear. If an article says that by doing 100 crunches/ day you will get a six pack- stop and think… is that really possible? We get caught up by headlines, other people’s successes and we forget that there is only 1 magic equation:

Exercise (moderate to hard) + Healthy eating (following Canada’s Food Guide i.e. portion sizes)  = weight maintenance

It is as simple as that folks- so now you have it, this is the secret! So next time you stand in line at the grocery store and see an add about some new supplement from the rainforest that is proven to make you loose 20 lbs in 4 weeks- think twice…! Until next time, keep moving…


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