I had a great opportunity to spend the entire day with my family today (this doesn’t happen often with our insane schedules!)!  We spent the day at the beach in Port Dover.  It was freezing by the way, but we made the most of it!  I watched a number of kids, regardless of how cold it was, running in and out of the water (mine included!) screaming with delight!  I saw three parents sitting on the beach checking their blackberries, iphones etc.  I thought, “are you kidding me, why on the beach?” (Yes, I left my Blackberry at home for those who may wonder!).  I then saw two kids run to their parents to see what mom and dad were up to.  Not one child was interested in what technology had to offer at that moment. They only wanted mom and dad to come and run around with them.  I believe kids teach us much, much more than we teach them, if only we stop to learn.  We are all meant to move, not sit!! 

Keep moving, and take time to run and splash in the waves, no matter what the temperature!



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