For Fashion or Fitness?


It was 7am in the morning and I was one of them; standing in line at the Hamilton Convention Centre waiting for the Lululemon sale to open for the day. That is when I wondered how many of those thousand people who stood in line yesterday, the ones present today and the ones who will attend the sale on the weekend, actually work out? We call this, fitness clothing, but is it for fashion or really used for fitness? Does this mimic our vision of “working out”, we just do it because others do, but we are not really committed to that goal? The truth is while Lululemon can be both fashion or fitness clothing, working is not a fashion but a lifestyle! I urge you to think about your own internal motivation this weekend when you pass by these dedicated shoppers standing in line for hours….

Oh and for those of you lululemon lovers, the sale is well worth it, I certainly recommend that if you are patient enough to wait the line-up, the prices are well worth it! Have a good weekend and until next time, keep moving…lulu2


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