Change, change

changeIt either scares us or we love it! Well you should love it, because let me tell you that change is a GOOD thing! What stays static and the same never progresses- & that is exactly what we want to avoid with our workouts and our outlook on fitness. If there is 1 machine that you really like doing your cardio on, switch it up- nothing will be more beneficial than shaking up your routine to avoid plateaus. As previously mentioned in another post about plateaus; the only way we see progress is by constantly mixing it up, changing up our weight workouts, our cardio, etc… Think outside the box and don’t stay fixiated on something specific; if you like something too much, chances are it is getting easy and you are not seeing any benefits out of it- sooo what are you waiting for, change it up! If you show up to the gym and your favorite piece of equipment is taken, don’t panic and certainly don’t let it ruin your day, try something new, be a daredevil! Oh and if you’ve tried everything than change it up with an interval type workout or even doing 10-15 minutes on different pieces of cardio to add up to your 30-45mins! Go ahead, don’t think… just do…Untile next time, keep moving…


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