Are you going to lift that?…uh yes!

Funny how we observe other people when they are working out- nothing to be embarrassed about; we all do it! We all want to see how others stay fit, we want to observe their exercise repertoire. The truth is that we all work out in a fitness centre because we like the motivation of others working out around us, isn’t that right? Have you ever found yourself running on that treadmill or completing one more rep of a certain exercise because it looked like the person beside you was working harder and you did not want to be perceived as weak or inferior? Of course you did, us women, we have  a competitive spirit- which is a reason why we can easily fall in love with exercise! When we overcome the hard parts and get accustomed to this new way of living, we just can’t back track! So this morning, I was working out at the fitness centre when another women looked my way as picked up those big weights- she gave me the so-called, “double-look” and then proceed to ask: ” Are you going to lift that?” I am not exactly if she was expecting an answer or if her question came about as a way of trying to understand just WHY someone would want to lift those heavy weights or simply because she was amazed that I could… either way her “double-look” made me complete my third set! So ladies, keep on motivating each other, until next time, keep moving…


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