5KM Clinic with a PRO- what could be better?

Have you been running for a while but not sure if you’ve got proper form? Have you ever done a 5Km race? Have you been working towards a personal Best (PB) time for a while but don’t seem to any results?

OR Have you always wanted to run, but never had the dedication and commitment to do it on your own? Are you afraid to get injured because of inproper form?

If any of the above are subjects you think of on a regular basis- then you have to join our expert’s 5Km Clinic in the fall. On staff, we have a running expert herslef, Kim Agostino. Kim has been running for years, has even completed a few ironman triathlons- she is an expert. Whatever your questions or doubts are, Kim will help you conquer them. She will help you reach your PB, or even teach you how to run and coach you through your very first 5km race.

Information on a proper training schedule, cross-training, weight training for running, proper form, nutrition and race preparation will all be provided. Want to be challenged with a group and be committed to your weekly run club? Look no further and join our 5KM running clinic commencing on Monday- September 21st. Cost is $85.00 for all non-members and free for FFA and FFA+ members. For more information, call 905-522-9922 x138 or go to EZ renewals, print out your program registration and drop it off at the YWCA! Don’t miss this opportunity! Until next time, keep moving…


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