GLUTES- how to train em’


An attractive muscle inside and out..your Gluteals, also known as your bum- are made up of three different muscles… here’s how to impress your friends: Gluteus minimus, Gluteus Medius and the largest one of them all Gluteus Maximus. Of course we all want a nice shape to our bums, right? well all of this is determined by your gluteals muscles- let’s talk about how to train them easily.

Best exercise to give your bum a facelift:

1. Squat– of course, did you see that one coming? Squats are excellent for your glutes, your hamstrings and your quadriceps and don’t forget your abdominals. It takes loads of core strength to be able to perform a squat properly- give yourself some credit. Remember, when executing a proper squat, your knees should ALWAYS be behind your toes. If you don’t have any knee pains, try squatting lower than 90 degrees or for a bigger challenge, try single leg squats.

2. Lunges- as shown in a previous posts- lunges are dreaded by most people but oh so effective- they challenge your core, balance, and strength. You can intensify your lunges by holding dumbells in your hands or by doing plyometric lunges (lunge jumps).

3. Bridge: On the floor or on the ball. Your feet should be hip width apart, again toes under your knees, squeezing your buttocks you should lift your glutes and lower back off of the floor, hold at the top of the movement for a few seconds, lower and repeat. You can intensify the exercise by using a ball under your feet instead of the floor OR you can do a hamstring curl with the ball holding your hips up the entire time!

Have a little fun with it, challenge your body- shape up your hamstrings and your glutes and your booty’s shape will change. Bust your butt ladies, work hard, keep moving…


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