Pardon what did you say?

If your teen can’t carry on a conversation with her music blaring in her ear, then its loud enough to cause hearing damage!

According to a survey of Ontario high school kids 30% of students listen to their MP3 players at level of 91 decibels (that is a sound equal to a revving motorbike) or maybe even higher for an average of almost 3 hours a day.  Can you imagine what that is doing to their hearing!  Gael Hannan, a manager of  programs at the Hearing Foundation of Canada comments that at these decibel levels these listening habits can cause permanent and irreversible hearing loss. 

So what is a healthy level? Apparently it is safe to listen at a level of about 85 decibels (noise equalivant to a busy resturant) for up to 8 hours a day.  For every 3 decibel increase in sound level cut listening time in half.

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One response to “Pardon what did you say?

  1. Very interesting blog post, I know it makes me think about how loud my ipod is when I am exercising… I always think the louder, the more motivation I have during my workouts…. something to think about.

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