Goal setting and The Fall Fitness Frenzy

With all the great blogs on the triathlon that some of our staff and members recently participated in, it reminded me how important it is to have fitness goals to develop the lifestyle change of exercising.    Family commitments can easy get in the way of our desire to exercise and get to the gym.  Looking forward a couple of months and identifing a date to participate  in to a walk, a run, a triathlon, or even just being able to walk on the treadmill for 30 mins, helps to keep you movitated towards that goal. You will be more lightly to jump back into the “saddle” and keep going even if you have a couple of weeks off.  So if you fancy challenging yourself with a walking or running goal in the next couple of months,    here are some running/walking activity dates coming up around the city that you could plan to train for:

CSF Freedom Run Bay Front Park, Saturday Nov. 7th 10 am: 10K Competative Run and Walk, 5K Fun Run/Walk or 3K Fun Run/Walk 


Hannukah Hussle at Shalom Village November 22nd 2009: 10K Run, 5km Run, 5k Walk or 1 Km walk even a family of 4 can participate how about get the whole crew involved!

Other dates are available by following this link http://www.events.runningroom.com/site/

Our fitness centre staff are trained lifestyle assessors and can help you plan out your fitness goals be they outside and a little competive or inside and just competing against yourself! 

Our Fall Fitness Frenzy is another way the YWCA will be helping to keep you active.  Recording your workouts on our tracking log  along with identifing your short term goal’s will keep you going until the Christmas Craziness starts!  So make sure that after 21st September you ask a member of the Fitness Centre staff at both MacNab and Ottawa Streets for your Fall Fitness Frenzy tracker coupons and start recording your workouts…who knows you might even win a free membership for a year!

Kim Thompson


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