Have You Changed Your Programme Recently?

Our bodies operate according to a number of principles.  One of the fitness principles that is often considered is the S.A.I.D. principle.  That is, the “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand”.  What this means is that our body will rise, and adapt to, any challenge that is imposed upon it.  But it also means that our body won’t change or improve if we don’t ask it to.  We must constantly add on and change components of our training programme if we hope to see improvement.  This leads us to another principle, the principle of Overload.  We must always “overload”, or make an exercise harder if we want to improve.  The safe rule is overload is increasing by 10%.  So if you were running 20 mins and were ready for more, you progress to 22 mins etc. 

To see improvement in your current fitness level, you don’t need to remember any of these complicated principles.  You only need remember this one saying “if you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got”.  That is, if you continue to work out the same day after day you will see no improvement.  You must make regular changes! 

If you are not sure where to go with your programme but know you need a change, consult one of the trainers in the gym.  We will certainly be able to help!  Oh, and since it is October and time for our annual Personal Training session sale (12 for the price of 10 sessions!), why not consider some personal training sessions to help shake things up a little!!  Until next time…..



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