Interval Training

Interval Training Routines

Banish the Cardio Blues! Interval training is a very fast and effective way of doing your cardio workout, it relieves boredom as there is always some variable you can change.  The walking/hill interval would use more of your gluts and hamstring muscles. The speed interval ladder is a really challenging way to increase the intensity and make you faster too! Both routines challenge your cardio capacity to just over what would be tolerable for a period of time then a period of recovery follows.  As you become fitter you can increase the time in the intense phase and shorten the recovery period.  Result…..each workout is challenging and an interesting way to rev up your basal metabolic rate.  These workouts are way more intense then steady state training, (going a one pace of the whole workout) so your body has to work hard for up to 24 hours after the workout session to replace muscle fuel….which means more total calories are burnt. At a cellular level this kind of training forces your body to adapt to the higher intensity stimulus  which increases the mitochondria within the muscle cell and capillaries delivering oxygen to the working muscles.  Pair this up with circuit weight training and you will become a fat burning machine in no time.

Please note however that this method of training needs to be matched with your current fitness level.  Participants with knee or hip issues need to check with a fitness trainer who will help you determine intensity. Or treat yourself to 10 sessions of personal training before the end of October to shape up and fit into that little black dress before the cocktail season starts!

Hill Repeat Intervals

On the treadmill warm-up for 3 – 5 mins, Then putting the treadmill on a steep incline (up to 10) walk for one minute – on a scale of 1 – 10 (10- being the hardest) you should be at a 9 or 10 for that one minute, then recover for one minute. Continue for 6 rounds. You could also do this on the bike or the rower, the intensity is what you want for that one minute. Make sure you are cooling down for 3 – 5 minutes after the workout

Speed Ladder Intervals

On the treadmill warm-up for 3 – 5 mins,

Run for 30 secs fast recover for one minute

Run for 60 secs fast recover for one minute

Run for 90 secs fast recover for one minute

Run for 60 secs fast recover for one minute

Run for 30 secs fast recover for one minute

Repeat 2 – 3 X

Spend 3 – 5 minutes cooling down.



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