Weekend adventures

new york

Above is a picture of Central Park, overlooking the BIG Apple! I spent last weekend in the United states, more specifically Saturday in NYC and let me tell you I was IMPRESSED with how beautiful it is! It was our first time visiting and we spent 3 hours walking around Central Park, despite the rain, we enjoyed: nature, the activity and the fact that so many other people were being active. They have entire streets blocked off and only accessible to people by foot, bike or rollerblades. I have never seen so many people running on 1 road! wow! what an inspiration! Just when we think the fast food industry has corrupted our society and that obesity and inactivity rates are rising- I am overwhelmed! I cannot think of a better thing to do on a Saturday morning but to be walking down this HUGE park, without any traffic noises and the beautiful sights of grass, lakes/ponds, flowers, etc…

I applaud NYC for their scenary and attention to pedestrians. Every sidewalk & roadways are pedestrian friendly! Most roads have narrow lanes, thus giving the people more room to walk safely from street to street. On another note, given that we drove to NYC and had to drive out of there during Saturday evening traffic, I cannot imagine why anyone would WANT to drive down there, it is absolutely insane! But why drive when you have so many reasons to be walking and of course there is the shopping…way more accessible by foot than car!

lesson of the day, ditch your car, use your feet! You know what they say, “use it, or loose it”, well it applies here. so think about that today as you go on with your day, how can you move more in your every day life? Have a great day everyone and remember, keep moving…


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