making the world a healthy place, 1 university student at a time…

an interesting concept indeed: read CNN”s “College’s too-fat-to-graduate rule under fire” story from Elizabeth Landau at

A super idea, to enforce a fitness course in each student’s course load if their BMI is over 30 and not letting them graduate without this credit (3 hours/week of fitness) . What’s next? How can we enforce this to bodies everywhere? perhaps law enforcement? giving people tickets??? Either way, I applaud Lincoln University for seeing the importance of setting a habit with physical activity in their students’ lives. OH and what a way to fight the so-called freshman fifteen!?!

until next time, keep moving…


2 responses to “making the world a healthy place, 1 university student at a time…

  1. It’s definitely a good idea to promote health and fitness. It’s also good to help combat the unhealthy combination of fast food and long periods of sitting in classes/studying.

    However, making the class dependent on BMI is discriminatory and offensive. BMI is not an accurate indicator of health. The class is a good idea, but should be mandatory for everyone or no one regardless of how the university administration views the health of individual students.

    I’m not sure if your suggestion to give people tickets is meant to be sarcastic… but I hope so.

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