Should Santa be on the GOOD or BAD list?

That is a good question! On the car this morning, I heard on the radio the following comment: ” Santa is dangerous and a bad role model for our kids today”. Ouch, Santa has some tough critics that is for sure. The comment was based on the principles that Sants is overweight, is seen as sleigh reiding, also referred to as roof surfing without a safety helmet, has poor nutrition (cookies does not fit into any of the food groups), etc… While I have to agree with the statement, what I think the radioman forgot is that Santa isn’t a real person and therefore how can he be judged! I ask you this question: ” do you agree with the above statement?” Given that kids nowadays have minds like “mush” and are easily influenced, do you think that Santa’s habits negatively affect them? That is a good question…. I had never given it that much thought until now. I also heard that in Texas, Santa apparently is dressed in blue, to mimic the rest of the law enforcement employees (i.e. policemen, etc…)- but is that a better image? Is the fact that Santa has the power to put your name on the good and bad list a better ideology? Should one person have such power and in my opinion this can just as well negatively impact kids around the world, much like Santa’s late night snacking indulgences. On the same suject, the spectator posted an interesting article “Is Santa a Health Hazard?” let me know what your thoughts are on the subject. In my opinion, it will all come down to the day I meet the jolly old man; then I’ll be able to make judgement whether or not he is a contributing factor to children’s rising obesity and crime rates! Something to  keep you up and thinking about at night! Cheers

One response to “Should Santa be on the GOOD or BAD list?

  1. he should be on the good list everybody loves Santa!

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