Stage fright?

… is not only for kids! I have to say that after training for the past 3 months for the anticipated “around the bay road race 30km” and being so close to it (2 weeks to race day), I admit, I have stage fright. Similar to a grade 1 doing their first public speaking appearance in front of the entire class, I too am excited but dreading the day! I cannot wait to make it through the finish and finally be able to say that I ran 30 km! wow! what an accomplishment! For those of you who have ever worked hard towards a goal and are getting the Pre- BIG day jitters, be empathetic! Anyone who was willing to go through toe blisters, eating fuel gels for snacks, and ditching the olympics for a 3 hour run… well folks I call that dedication! All jokes aside, it should be a GREAT event and good luck to everyone running whether it is the 5km, 10km relay or 30km! see you all at the YW after the race for a post race party!


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