But they are so cute….

Imagine my disapointment after reading this morning’s spec article  on my favorite winter fashion… It’s official the cute looking, soft and fuzzy UGG boots available in a variety of colours are BAD for you!….

You think I would have known… how mean how much arch support is really available in such boots? NOT much and of course now you look right, left and centre and it is the only boots that teenage girls stamp “cool enough to wear”. Finally, we came up with a winter shoe that was “actually cool”… boy that was a LONG time coming… but now we find out that they are bad for us.

This puts a different meaning to the “there is no beauty without suffering” quote that I have always despised. If you ask me, this is the same story as last years Heelies “shoes with wheels under the sole”- cute, maybe a fashion statement but oh so detriment to you growth, development and overall health. How much are you willing to compromise for fashion- in my case I guess i’ll be going back to “supportive, and construction boots looking” winter boots for next season… goodbye to my slipper-like footwear and hello to ugly and practical! 

[Marilyn Bradley, a chiropodist and podiatrist from Podiatry Associates, agrees.

“For anybody that has any kind of foot instability, a biomechanical foot instability — someone suffering from overpronation, anybody with bunions, anybody with heel pain — that definitely is not the kind of boot you want to be in.”] www.thespec.com

So think comfort before fashion next time… I know, I know we are all learning! Oh and ladies, don’t let your teenage daughter wear UGGS! Please!


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