Descending is the scary part…

I spent all day Saturday at a Mountain Biking Instructor Course and am now certified! You are probably wondering, what is a road rider doing taking a mountain biking instructor course? well, I was wondering the very same thing when I got on my “borrowed” mountain bike on Saturday for the practice teaching component…. needless to say I probably should have riden the bike before taking a course with it, but it worked out in the end!

Successes of the day: ascending, descending, using front brake ONLY and alternatively using rear brake ONLY and of cours riding over a log! I am pretty proud of myself and now the best or worse part (depends which way you look at it), I now know how to change a tire, tighten spokes, allign wheels, check brakes, etc… and now I am HOOKED! No more lectures on “should have been prepared”, my tool kit in hand, I am ready for my next long distance ride and also started to actively look for a  mountain bike!


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