Personal Trainer’s Tip of the Week

Here is this week’s tip from the Personal Training Department.  Would you like to see more?  Check out the PT department board in the fitness centre every monday morning for a new training tip!!

Trainer’s Tip of the Week

May 31-June 6

Are you Hydrated?

As the warm weather has arrived, we may need to think a little more about our levels of hydration.  We need to continuously replenish our bodies.  We lose water in all sorts of ways…..sweating and breathing just to name a few.  Without proper hydration levels, we can experience things like headaches, nausea and dizziness.  Also consider that without proper hydration our level of performance can decrease.  Physical activities can be much more challenging and things like our ability to concentrate can decrease. 

So…..what to drink?  Remember that we get water through drinking things like water, juice and milk.  We also find water in foods like watermelon, oranges and pasta, just to name a few.  Water is our best source for hydration.  Things like Gatorade are unnecessary on a day to day basis.  Unless your job is outside all day in the heat or you are heading our for a 2-3 hour run, these drinks just add extra calories. 

Now to the nitty gritty…how do you know if you are taking in enough liquid?  The easiest way?….check the colour of your urine.  We should drink enough to urinate every 2 hours or so and the colour should be very pale yellow.

So go have a cold glass of water…..and when you think you have had enough, have just a little sip more!




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