YWCA app on your iPhone or iPad!

Ok so now that I caught your attention with the technology talk…check out the FREE YWCA Canada App on your iPhone or iPad! Have you ever been stuck in a bad date??? Well there is an app for that- check out the star article/review on the new application provided by YWCA Canada!

Lots of great things about this FREE app:

– A safety Siren that you can program to call and email a specific person to come to your aid when you are stuck in a bad situation. The siren can sound by pushing on the pink button and can be set to sound when you iphone or other apple device is “shaken”.

-Information on safe dating, abuse, etc.. for women and girls. It refers you to where you can find more information on these subjects.

GPS locator device– so when your emergency contact person is alerted that you need help…well it will also automatically pin point where you are on the globe with your exact GPS location!

How cool is that eh? Talk about something useful that is free and make you feel safe about walking alone at night!!!!


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