Time for New Shoes?

Here is this week’s Personal Training Tip! Enjoy!

Trainer’s Tip of the Week

June 7th-June 13th

Time for a shoe review?

Have you recently been experiencing more knee, ankle, shin or hip discomfort/fatigue after working out?  Although serious pain or aches that won’t go away need a doctor’s attention, one of the first places to start, is to look at the age of the shoes you are wearing.

Some estimates say every 350-500 miles you need new shoes, while others may recommend 250-400 miles.  Depending on how much you walk or run, that may be 4 months or perhaps up to 8-9 months. 

That being said, if you are like me, I don’t track mileage.  I have enough to think about already!  I listen to my body and think about the date.  Here’s an easy trick.  On a hidden spot on your shoe, use a waterproof marker to mark the date you start wearing these shoes.  Depending on how much you are walking or running, start to pay attention to your joints and how they feel at about the 4 month mark.  From there, watch for any of the signs above, and be ready to head out shopping! 

I know there is some expense to running shoes, but as a co-worker of mine once said “a good pair of running shoes is cheaper than knee surgery”.  How true it is.  Keep listening to your joints….and hey, who doesn’t love shoe shopping?!! 



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