Mud & slides= Mudslides

Dirty eh? Yep, I would say! On Wednesday evenings, I participate in a mountain biking program run by the Milton Heights Racing Club (ski racing club out of Glen Eden) out of Kelso Conservation! We spend 2 hours in the woods, riding up and down skinny and skinner trails, avoiding pointy rocks, riding over logs and tree roots! Who knew getting dirty could be this much fun! Oh and last night WAS dirty- with the wonderful weather that mother nature has given us lately, the trails were nonethless a little muddy and wet due to the on-again and off-again rain we had all day yesterday! And those pictures are proof that in fact…it was MUDDY “mudslides” as I called them! Mountain Biking is a great way to stay in shape, socialize and learn how to gain balance and coordination to manoeuvre your bike around difficult/challenging terrain that you may encounter on the trails! If you have not had a chance to try it out- I highly recommend! Even for a true-hearted road rider like myself- the athleticism, timing/coordination and upper body strength required to be successful are just a few of the reasons why I am enjoying it so much! Needless to say that next Wednesday, I’ll be bringing a towel to sit on in the car ride home after the bike ride! who knows the conditions you’ll find on the trails once you get out there! That’s it for now folks, go out, get dirty, find some mud and most important… keep moving…


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