Five finger pockets for your toes?

Who would have thought that Toe socks would make a come back and this time FULL FORCE! Here’s the latest thing folks- Five Finger Shoes! Check out these made my Vibram- they also make soles for Merrell shoes! Some may think they look so weird that no matter what the health benefits or what the researchers say, there is no way you would be caught in them! well I say, what the heck- they look cool & you won’t look back or turn around once you put your foot in them. Haven’t you heard the tales about our ancestors who learned to run barefoot? well this is modern society’s, 21st century & High-class Barefoot running!

I heard about these “bad boy” looking shoes (at least that is what I called them so my husband would think that they look manly enough for him!) through a chiropractor- he was raving about it and recommending it to most of his clients, especially ones like yours truly with dropping arches…! Vibram Five Fingers are the best $80 I have spent in a LONG time! As mentionned above, I heard about them through my chiropractor, and of course, always game to try new and weird things like myself, I thought what the heck- let’s get a pair and see what the hype is all about. I Googled them and was brought to their website and right on the main page, it says, “click on your country”- indication #1 that this is not a joke – it is available in more than one country! In fact, I quickly started reading up on some of the supporting research and it turns out that “barefoot running” is no myth or legend- it is proven to have many benefits. check out this diagram showing gate and footing when barefoot running

Think about your gate and your footing when you run in trainers- we all want to strike with the balls of our feet when we think about it and of course our heels when we are tired… well what do you think causes your body to have to absorb more impact!?!?!? Yep that is right, this simple design with some fashionable hints may just be an “old tale” brought back to life.  The more I read, the more I became intrigued! Review from experienced runners show that these do work- people who were told to take up another hobby and that running could only do damage to their bodies found piece and happiness with their new barefoot running shoes. Is it for you?

Well I am not saying that you wasted all your money on buying running shoes all your life and that barefoot running is the solution to all….BUT what I am saying is that if you are a heel/toe striker or if you have problems with your gait this may be a REALLY good option! I don’t doubt that they will take time to adjust, much like  an orthodic and that blisters (many) shall be seen but surely after a few months if you find your aches and pains deminishing…maybe barefoot running is for you!!!!

Beware that these are the hottest ticket item in town nowadays but if you’re keen on trying out this little number, check out Grand River Kayak in Dunnville – the store owner is also an athletic therapist and she was VERY helpful! Note that these do not fit like a regular shoe so the help of an expert is a must!

Until next time, keep moving!


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