Fitness anywhere… do you need a TRX trainer?

The answer is NO, but like every other gadget it is neat, innovative and allows you to perform certain basic exercises with more difficulty! Allows those exercise fanatics (i.e. me and probably YOU!) to do something a little different and to challenge your body with something new! I have to admit before I go into even more details that I, personally absolutely LOVE the TRX trainer… It is a great tool for any time of training and exercises can always be modified depending on the level of fitness of the people using it! That to me… goes a long way!

What is a TRX , you ask??? watch this video- you’ll discover all that this piece of equipment is capable of! what I like most about it is that it is completely versatile, it is based on using your own body weight to do all exercises which is my favorite way of training- slash all those heavy weights that take up room an us this apparatus! It is designed with 2 “belts” that are easily adjustable for length depending on the exercise of choice. It is cheap $149 (I believe) and you can literally train every major muscle group in your body with it! I do caution those of you who plan on purchasing one for your own home- make sure you are anchoring it probably, it must be able to withstand a huge weight load especially if you plan on doing plyometrics with it!

Here’s a little sneak peak at the TRX trainer.  So next time you see a yellow belt hanging from the ceiling…you’ll know what it is and what it is used for! until next time… keep moving…


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