Trainer’s Tip of the Week

Hello all!

Here is the training tip of the week from our Personal Training department.  Enjoy!

Trainer’s Tip of the Week

July 19th-July 25th

“I am always on the run!  How do I snack healthy?”

The answer to this one is simple!  Be prepared!  On Sundays, take some time to get organized.  Here are a few quick suggestions:

1)    Wash and chop up your veggies.  Put these into snack sized containers so you can grab them right out of the fridge. 

2)    Put your raisins, nuts or trail mix into serving size containers.  That way they are easy to grab and portion sized so you can watch the calories.

3)    Choose fruit!  Already in a perfect sized “container”!  Stock up on things like bananas or apples that are easy to take along and travel fairly well. 

4)    Have some healthy granola bars on hand.  That is, not the ones that are full of sugar and sodium, but those that are lower in sugar and sodium, contain whole grains and are higher in fibre.

And don’t forget to pack your re-usable water bottle to keep hydrated.  If you aren’t in to plain old water, put in a few lemon or orange slices to spice up your water without sugar or chemicals!!

Just a little preparation can keep you healthy and energized for all the great things summer has to offer!!




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