Trainer’s Tip of the week-a bit early!

Here is next week’s Trainer’s Tip of the week.  I know it is early, but I will be away camping with my kiddies 🙂 next week so thought I would post it early!!  Have a great week everyone!! –Deanna

Trainer’s Tip of the week

August 16th – 22nd

Same old, same old?

Have you been hoping for some changes in your weight, fitness level or circumference measures?  If you haven’t seen the changes you are hoping for, it is time to review what you have been doing.

If it has been the “same old, same old”, then there is no chance of change right now.  Your body won’t just change because you want it to.  You must keep your body “on its toes”, always mixing things up!  Either try a completely new workout (your personal trainer can help you kick things up a notch!) or review those eating habits.  If you are still choosing, on a regular basis, a lot of sugar filled, high calorie, processed foods, or a lot of empty calorie alcohol, you likely aren’t going to reach the changes you are hoping for! 

Try this-don’t think about what you “shouldn’t eat”.  Instead let’s focus on what we should choose.  The first and easiest step-add more veggies and fruits!  Slowly you will replace the “shouldn’ts” with the “shoulds”  and BANG, some changes will emerge!  Want more suggestions?  Ask your personal trainer to do a food recall with you for more tips!! 




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