In a rut…

how to get out? most of us find ourselves in a fitness rut at some point in our lives. I would say that I honestly find myslef in one at least 1x/year & I consider myself very active so I can only imagine how many ruts other find in a lifetime?! I guess this time around, I am nursing a knee injury, hoping that treatment has helped and that I am OK to start running again? Normally, I would be gearing up for a marathon or at least a half marathon at this time and I would have spent all summer running outdoors… but this summer, I spent riding my bike to work and doing short runs when I could bear the pain. Not an ideal situation that is for sure. Now, I find myself stuck as I have had no goal lined up in my mind; I need to find a purpose to my workouts again. So I decided starting yesterday, let’s get out of this so-called “rut”, pick a reasonable goal and acheive it! My knee has been feeling better lately so I have to push passed these fears that the pain will return and trust myself to commit to my training again. Have you ever felt like this before? have you ever felt like you are just working out just to work out? Tell us your stories and how you got out and find your purpose again… That’s the way to stay motivated and active, pick a goal and stick to it. your goals can be broken down into sub-goals and can be related to an event or season. Until next time, take this advice: keep moving and make it count… & Tomorrow I am hitting pavement again!

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