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Happy Monday!  Here is this week’s tip.  Have a great day!

Trainer’s Tip of the Week

October 4-October 10, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing?

 As I was thinking about what to write for this week’s tip, it occurred to me that I spend most of my days trying to get people moving, but often don’t think about those that move too much.  So, this week I decided to write about overtraining-that is, too much of a good thing!

 While we always want to add more activity to improve our fitness level, we must be careful not to over train as that has consequences.  How much is too much?  Well it depends on how your body is reacting to the exercise demands.  The first rule is always that of progressive overload-don’t add too much activity at once.  A 10% increase is always a safe measure (i.e. if you are ready to increase your treadmill time and you are currently doing 30 mins, move to 33 mins).  This will add a bit of extra intensity, but still be safe. 

 Signs of overtraining include:

-chronic muscle soreness (that is not related to an injury)

-increase incidents of colds and infection

-decrease in appetite

-increase in irritability

-increase in your resting heart rate-this is a significant sign and easy to measure.  If you think you may be over training, chart your resting heart rate every morning when you wake (after you have recovered from the shock of your alarm!). Do this for a few weeks.  As we become more fit, our resting heart rate should decrease, NOT increase.  The increase is due to your body trying to continually recover from exercise and keep you moving through your day to day activities.  Basically your body is telling you it can’t keep up with the demands!

 Your best bet is to access some personal training as that is what, essentially, personal training is all about.  We work you enough to induce a training effect (i.e. improvement in fitness level) while not overworking to the point of causing injury. It is all about balance!




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