It is so much more than a cup of coffee

…for me that is.. and for most of us, it really is so much more than a cup of coffee. How many of us women call each other and I quote: ” are you free now… I need to go for coffee now”. I know that when I get these few words from a friend, I drop everything as I know it is important- so for me as mentioned above, it is so much more than a cup of coffee… it means :

– Gatherings with friends, a reason to meet up and catch-up with an old friend, something to do on a Saturday morning when reading the paper, a reason to get excited about the holidays (for example when Starbucks brings their RED cup back a.k.a. yesterday!) and so much more… But what lies beneath this cup of goodness that helps me start my day? Let’s take this opportunity to analyze what really is inside your cup of coffee. The most important things to consider for your health as a caffeine-junkie are the following:

1. Dosage- There is much controversy out there about how much caffeine people should be consuming on a daily basis. My opinion lies in how does your body respond to the amount of caffeine that your normally consume? Do you get the shakes by 10am? if so, may want to reconsider how many is too many! Most research shows that healthy invidiuals should be able to consume anywhere from 1-3 cups of coffee daily (300mg of caffeine)- NOW people I said 3 “real” cups not 3 Venti or XL coffees from your favorite coffee shop.

2. Diet- Caffeine should never be used as  a substitution for meals, or food of any sort. It really does not contain any nutritional value other than calcium that you get if you add milk to your coffee. The importance of a balanced diet goes without saying- the same rules apply for coffee and non-coffee drinkers. Make sure you watch the caffeine that you may already be consuming in your regular diet and how it can affect your total caffeine daily intake.

3. People who should steer clear of coffee- everyone probably knows this already but those who are pregnant, children, elderly or are at any risk of heart disease of hypertension should really try to avoid caffeine overall.

4. what goes with it- lastly, of course coming from the health and wellness side of things, what do you put in your coffee? if you are an avid sugar lover or you are finding that your coffee is just too strong to simply add milk,  you could try out a milder type of coffee or something with a hint of a “hazelnut or sweet” after taste- perhaps with this sort of coffee you may not have to add your creme and sugar which will help balance your daily diet.

As a last note, continue to enjoy your cup of coffee, and so will I, but if there are some small changes that you can make in order to make that cup of coffee healthier- I encourage you to take the leap. Until next time, keep moving!


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