Fit Tip of the Week

Here is this week’s tip-enjoy!!

Trainer’s Tip of the Week

November 8th-14th

Its Coming!!!!!

I realize that this week’s tip might make me a little unpopular, but its time to talk about it.  Yes, the holiday season is coming!  We might be starting to think about shopping lists and get togethers.  I will challenge you with one thing this week-that is to add your fitness planning to your list of holiday priorities.  There are so many things that demand our time and energy as this time of year arrives.  Make your activity just as important as all else.  Better yet, make it a part of all else.  One of my favourite things about Christmas time is that my family and I get together with friends that we don’t see too often during the year.  My goal this year is to change the focus of our get together from the potluck at the Langford’s house (where, lets face it, we just sit and eat and drink!) to an active get together.  I am blessed with a job that keeps me active, but all of my friends are not.  I wish to support them in their quest for staying healthy.  My suggestion this year, is that we meet at the local rink and take all of the kids (about 15 of them in our circle of friends!) skating, or if there is snow, go tobogganing.

So, there it is….my challenge to you…what can you do to make your get togethers change their focus, from only food, drink and sitting to activity based fun with family and friends!?!  Why not share some of your great ideas on our blog or with staff in the staff office?  I would love to use your ideas to help motivate our members to have an active Holiday season!

Cheers,  Deanna

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