Better Food Choices

Better Choices is what it comes down to and what I would like to talk about today; it also goes along nicely with Deanna’s FIT Tip of the week  and proximity of the holidays and festivities. We all know that having a perfect diet is next to impossible, but aiming to making better choices for that 80% window should be our every day goal. This month and until the end of December, I challenge all of you to make better choices when preparing meals. Use that 5 second rule- think about it  before putting it in your mouth and chances are after you’ve done the rationale behind your cravings, you won’t want to eat them after all.

Second, I want to chat about education. Education is key when making food choices and when planning out your diet. What are your ressources telling you that what you are consuming is healthy and appropriate? Overwhelming, is certainly a state of mind when faced with all the different documentation and information made readily available in books, papers, magazines, etc… It never ends, we are always coming out with new rules on things you should eat and things you shouldn’t, so who do you trust? Good question! And we have said this before, but in this day and age, you have to be your own advocate for you health, you have to do your own research and continuously ready worthy sources to know that you are doing what is best for YOU! That is my second important key point, do what is best for YOU! Everyone’s body is different, we all have different needs, tolerances to different aliments so what is most important is to listen to your body and its reactions to certain food and like I said above- eat what is best for your body. Follow Canada’s Food Guide as a “guide” and read up on the nutritional value of your common foods. Be responsible for your own education.

Have you ever heard the saying ” You are what you eat”, it is very metaphorical however very true. How much effort you go into making healthier choices when it comes to your nutrition, will in return show just how healthy you will be! So come on folks, take the leap, be responsible for your nutrition, and make better food choices!


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