Fitness Tip of the Week

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Here is this week’s tip!  Do your best to keep moving as this season starts getting busier and busier!!  Enjoy!

Trainer’s Tip of the Week

Nov. 28th-Dec. 4th

How do I keep things in check with so much temptation about?

It is the season of socializing and of course, with that comes eating!  What follows are a few thoughts of how to enjoy the season without blowing your healthy eating plan:

-go to functions with a fairly full stomach.  If you are starving, the chances of you overindulging are high.  Have a healthy snack before you go.

-don’t drink your calories.  Alcohol is loaded with calories….not to mention toxins.  Have a non-alcoholic choice at the ready so you can avoid, or alternate your alcoholic choices.

-choose veggies and/or salad before you choose anything else.  That way, at least you have had some veggies and you will begin to fill your belly.

-make the holidays about more than eating and drinking.  Pull out some party games and get busy with those.

-have more protein during your day.  Protein helps to full us and keep us full for longer.  If we have a little bit more throughout the day, we won’t have room for too many extras.

Cheers, Deanna


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