Dedication or Insanity

As many of your heard from listening to the radio and news, these past few days have been quite interesting weather-wise. What I realized after driving to Collingwood and back these last 2 days, is that we here in the GTA  are lucky! With our location being yes close to lake Ontario but not so close to the lake like the Collingwood, Stayner & Barrie area- we fortunately are not cursed by “lake-effect” snow storms! Talk about a LOT of snow! I know I posted a few weeks ago about the excitement of the winter and how pretty snow is, well let me tell you that these last 2 days, I saw the dark side of winter as did the people who were stuck on the 402 in Sarnia. I defenitely feel for those living in London right now- they are probably all wondering “when will it stop snowing?”.  Having skied all of my life in the Quebec and Ontario region, I have never witnessed a ski hill being closed due to lack of visibility and high winds; I mean it is not like we have enough altitude to ever run into this problem, right? WRONG, yesterday, I was proved wrong! Blue Mountain CLOSED due to these above reasons, I was stunned, to be stuck in a snow storm and to not be able to go skiing, I guess this is what people who don’t engage in winter sports feel like? Interesting. Anywho, all I have to say, is yes I love skiing but is it worth driving in this? hmm…. NO! I captured a small snapshot of our lovely (sarcasm) drive through the Collingwood area yesterday-> you tell me, do you call that dedication or insanity?

This experience made me think how often we fall in the in- between stages of these two categories: dedication or insanity? Some call marathon training and running insanity while other runners refer to it as dedication. I ask you to ponder about your own life and I am sure you have at least once thought of an action that you were executing and thought that it was “boarderline crazy”, right? Well, I know you’ll think that I am insane when I tell you that I am going back for more this weekend- heading back to Collingwood to ski in that freshly dumped snow! Until next time, stay safe, and keep moving!

Oh and I thank the snow squalls, crazy driving and road closures from the up north area for making me discover what should be everyone’s best friend during the winter–> MTO- traveller’s guide to road closures and conditions


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