Treadmill Tale

6:15am my alarm rang, it was time to get up to go to work, I dragged my tired body out of bed, put workout clothes on wondering why I was putting my body through this torture; thinking that my warm bed seemed much more inviting at this point.

6:55 walked in the door at work, a little more awake…

7:00- I placed my iphone (with motivating music), earphones, armband, water bottle and my Grid on the floor beside the treadmill. I looked at the treadmill whilst trying to come up with excuses in my head why I should skip my run today… nothing came to mind. Well actually, that isn’t entirely true, I did come up with some lame excuses but none worth sharing.

7:01- I yawned as I started the treadmill to walking speed- I wondered what the man walking beside me on the treamill was thinking looking at me, hair pulled back in a messy “I just got up” type of pony tail & a look that clearly reads ” I don’t want to do this”.

7:05- I decided that my legs were getting used to walking and it was time to start speeding up the treadmill- so I started jogging. To my surprise, I felt good doing this, legs were moving in a robotic manner but regardless keeping up with the speed of the belt, which you know… is kind of important!

8:05am- RUN finished- for a second while I wipe down the treadmill, I am thinking of how exhausted I am after running 60minutes, 15 minute at tempo pace.

8:06- I started stretching with the Grid , did I tell you how amazing this piece of equipment is yet? well it is; it also gives the song “Hurt so good” by John Mellencamp a NEW meaning! For your own listening pleasure:

I can’t help but think: ahh the 80’s by watching this video.

8:30- stretching is over and now I am experiencing a major exercise HIGH! wohoo, isn’t this why we go back for more?! I mean of course that and the fact that it is GOOD for us!

Morale of the story- yes even us aerobic instructors and trainers can get off track with our routine- for me the holidays are so packed with family, food and skiing that going to the gym was hard to fit in BUT does it ever feel good to be back at it. Did I move during the holidays? YES , did I got to the gym? NO, do I feel bad about it? NO But do I feel happy and good to be back? YES… so Morale #2 yes we know that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but that is the beauty of it! do what you can, set yourself up for success by setting realistic goals (SMART goal setting!).

Lastly, I hope that my pre-run misery spoke through my blog post! now I feel FAN-TAS-TIC! Exercise HURT SO GOOD, doesn’t it? until next time, keep moving…


3 responses to “Treadmill Tale

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  3. I can so totally relate – thanks for sharing! Hurts So Good has been playing in my mind all week as I get back into a regular routine once again!

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