COLD-What to wear outside when exercising???

Good question eh? Dressing properly can make the difference between enjoying being outdoors in the winter and absolutely hating it. The most important concept is to know how to layer properly; for all you winter sport people, you will agree that your base layer is the most important. You want to choose something light BUT warm- That will keep your body temperature at its norm. For a mid layer- you want something that traps the warmth (from your core) in- I personally like something like a fleece or micro-fleece. This is where you want to remember that the myth, the bigger, the warmer, is FALSE, you want something that fits you just right; imagine how much cold air could travel in between your layers if you were wearing something 2 sizes too big? And finally, for your top later/outer layer, choose something that is somewhat wind resistant. What your outer layer is, will of course depend on what activity you are performing; i.e. if you are running, it may be as simple as a wind breaker but if you are skiing, you want something thicker like a winter jacket.

I mentioned above how dressing properly will help you enjoy exercising outdoors, well it will also protect you from hypothermia and/or frost bites. So step 1, layer up properly, step 2, drink fluids all day/stay hydrated , step 3, watch for hypothermia/frost bites, etc… all day long and take frequent breaks when needed to warm-up.

So now, you have it, take care of your body, keep it warm, well hydrated through the winter and you’ll be able to do the things you love, no matter what the temperature is outside. How perfect for today’s post since this morning’s temperature in Hamilton is -12 degrees, but feels like -17! Yikes, folks, keep moving…


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