My… [everything] hurts- what should I do?

I know, I would be lying if I said that this very sentence never came out of my mouth… Are you also guilty? For today’s post, I thought we could discuss WHY? we get these “ouchy” days and what some of the best simple remedies are to our aches and pains.

Have you ever woken up in the morning, rolled over to get out of bed and coudn’t think of a better word than “ouch” to describe how you felt? Here’s my thought process on these morning:

– What did I do last yesterday? last night?

– Did I sleep funny?

– Did I get enough sleep?

What am I stressed about? Yes that is right, just feeling psychologically exhausted can manifest itself physically on our bodies.

In fact, the cause for these aches and pains is most often directly related to the above: what you did yesterday (or the day before) or to the amount of sleep you got the night prior. I am sure that you will agree that rarely do we wake up in good form if we didn’t get enough sleep; right? Read about why you should get your snoozes in here.

On to the most important question of all: how do I get rid of this soreness/body ache? As much as I would like to tell you that you can take a magic pill and that your troubles will fly away- unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Nonetheless, here are a few ideas that I found helpful (through trial and error):

1. Go back to sleep; I am aware that depending on your schedule and lifestyle, this isn’t always an option, but if it is- TAKE IT!

2. Take a HOT bath with epsom salts; this is my favorite remedy. I usually have time to sneak a quick bath in the morning (even if it is a work morning) and it is sooo helpful! The hot water will soothe your muscles and hopefully release some of their tension and pain. OH and of course, the wonder of epsom salts- read about it here.

3. Re-adjust your diet. Perhaps you have been neglecting it and I guarantee you that if you eat a properly balanced breskfast and lunch that day, you ought to feel better. what’s a balanced diet? read about it through here.

4. Drink more water. I know this sounds too obvious… but drinking enough H20 is so important and we often forget about it (especially if we are too busy) benefits of drinking your daily water requirements available here.

And lastly, if your aches and pains are due to a new form of exercise or physical activity, think about the following:

– did I work too hard too soon? remember that all of our bodies, no matter how fit you are, require time to get used to any activity and you must slowly build up your endurance.

– take a day off in between hard workouts to give your body some time to recover.

I know that this isn’t the answer to all of your worries and problems but hopefully next time you wake up with some aches and pains; you feel that you have some options readily available before reaching for that bottle of pills. So that’s all folks, until next time, yes as always keep moving…


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