Pre-race Jitters

This Sunday, I am running my first 1/2 marathon. I certainly have run longer distances before (for example: Around the Bay 30K) last year but this will be my 1st official “on the record” 13.1 Miles ! Needless to say, I am both nervous & excited. Despite having a training plan laid out ( since before Christmas) to train for this race and the FULL in May 2011, I had some difficulty sticking to the schedule I made myself during the last few months. January and February are very busy in the fitness world (with new year’s resolution and all) so needless to say, I encountered long working days which made it challenging to complete longer runs according to my workout schedule. Is having a schedule/plan important? YES. Should one panic if they have to modify a workout (by shortening the run length) or even (sigh*) miss a long run? Well folks… my goal race is still quite doable even though I committed the ultimate running crime, i.e. skipping a long run?!? Sometimes; you just need to improv-ise when life throws you curve balls, throw your plan out the window and go with the flow. That being said, I still managed to stay within the safe weekly mileage increase of 10%/week this is something I don’t recommend rookies getting away from. A safe weekly mileage increase is what will keep you successful, on the right path and most important “injury-free”.

How do you get ready (mentally and physically) for an athletic event? I like to plan the entire day leading up to the race (yes, I know for those who know me, what “I like to plan?!?” You are probably not all that surprised:P) and most important… (drum roll please) what my post-race meal will be! haha Last year, after running 30 Km Around the Bay, I realized the importance of post-race refueling trust me, don’t make the same mistake I did. I had family and friends waiting for me at the finish and our plans including going out for breakfast right after the race so I after getting my medal, I walked to the car and we drove to my favorite breakfast place ever “chez Cora”. Well of course I wasn’t the only one running that race so by the time we got out of traffic, drove there and arrived at the restaurant, I started to feel like I had no more energy… standing in line waiting to be seated to our table, I nearly fainted… I didn’t know if I was going to pass out or be sick- it was NOT a good feeling. Later, I realized that of course NOT having eaten anything right after the race, I was completely depleted of sugars, electrolytes, etc… I won’t be making that mistake on Sunday! I’ll be bringing LOTS of snacks to eat right after the race; some of my post- race snacks will include: homemade granola bars, G2 Gatorade, banana, Hershey mini eggs (my favorite!), etc…  What are some of your favorite post-race re-fuel foods?

While eating my snacks, I plan on rolling my aches and pains away with these two fabulous fitness apparatuses! If you haven’t heard of the stick and the GRID, you should check them out! I warm-up before a run with the stick and stretch after it with it as well to finish off with the GRID. It is by far, a much deeper stretch than with a foam roller!

So wish me luck as I battle my pre-race jitters, I’ll be back next week with an udpate of how the run went! Best wishes to all running a race this weekend! Oh and if the rain could hold off till Monday, that would be fantastic! Until next time, keep moving…


3 responses to “Pre-race Jitters

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  2. Good luck and enjoy my granola bars! 🙂

    • thanks! the race was great and I LOVE your granola bars! They have been the perfect breakfast with a fruit or the best afternoon snack! thanks for sharing your awesome recipes & love your BLOG!

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