…and DONE!

So last week,pre-race I posted about all my anxiety; well today I am happy to report that I survived to tell the tale! The Half Marathon is now something I can happily check off my bucket list and I also have a fancy medal to prove it:

Wohoo! For all the other runners out there- isn’t the medal and the t-shirt you get for running all those miles just not the best?! I do don’t pick my next race based on how nice the race swag is?!?!

And now for the promised race re-cap:

Husband and I woke up early on Sunday morning, before looking outside the window I was still secretly wishing/hoping that the weather network had been wrong about their snow forecast… but alas, they were right. Needless to say, I got dressed , had breakast, drowned myself in water (to make sure I was well hydrated before the race) and we were on our way. The race started at 10:05 and we arrived at the site around 9:48 , which was a blessing in disguise= gave me NO time to get stressed out- I hopped out of the car and made my way to the starting line, I turned my music on and waited for the crowd to start moving. At this point, I hadn’t noticed any pace setters so I settled on starting somewhere near the back of the line. I managed to hear some of the “countdown” chearing over my music and saw the crowd starting to move- wohoo race was underway!

The race started at City Hall in Burlington, the 1st turn was on Lakeshore Blvd going west bound, as soon as I made this first turn I noticed the 2:30 bunny ahead of me and immediately kicked my speed to pass her. I quickly got into a good rythm and was feeling good, checking my Garmin for my pace, I suddenly realized that I had caught up and was about to pass the 2:15 bunny. 2:15 was my ULTIMATE goal time (I didn’t think that I had been running fast enough in my long runs to acheive this goal) but needless to say I made up the plan to follow the bunny for as long as I could. I managed to keep him in my line of sight  until the 10KM mark. At this point, my hamstring started acting up , I decided to stop and stretch it out. After a 5 minute stretching break, I tried to return to my orginial pace but felt my stride shorten so I did the best I could and took quick walk breaks when my hamstring needed it.

The atmosphere was great! There were tons of people cheering on the sidelines, which I have to admit is my favorite part of running a race:) I saw the best sign, which I plan on replicating at some point : ” Didn’t this seem like a good idea, 3 months ago?”  haha I giggled to myself as I ran passed it 🙂 Despite the temperature and road conditions (mixture of snow and water) not being ideal, the other runners were all in good spirits, encouraging each other- which I love and find motivating myself.  

Finally, I aproached the 20K mark- at this point, I gathered all the energy I had left (which was NOT much) and ran as hard as I could make my legs move, till the end. I finished with a gun time of 2:26 but official chip time of 2:22:58…and I said to myslef, NOT bad for a 1st 1/2 marathon!

What did I have waiting for me at the finish? Hmm, an amazing husband who stood 2.5 hours + in the cold to watch me run, flowers, fluid and chocolate! So what’s next? well, today is defenitely a recovery day but tomorrow; I continue the training plan I laid out for myself which will lead me to my goal race= the marathon in May 2011.  And that’s all she wrote folks… until next time, keep moving…


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  1. Congrats Emilie!

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