Re: what you missed

 And it is Monday again! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It certainly was a horrific one for the people in Japan and our hearts and thoughts go out to all- great efforts are made from folks from accross the world to lend a hand.

Second: as indicated in Deanna’s post last week, we did the draw for our Winter Fitness Challenge and here’s proof of us “officially” announcing the winner! Congrats to all of our participant and special congrats go out to our winner:)

Third: We are officially less than 2 weeks away from Around the Bay Road Race!!!! Our YWCA Run club is tapering this week in preparation for the big race! I hope to see many of you at the event where I promise to be the loudest/biggest YWCA cheering section! For more info about the race, check out the ATB website and Marlin’s re-cap from last year, who knows what this year’s race has in stores for our runners! Best wishes to all and best efforts on race day!

Fourth: It’s March Break! Not that it means anything to me since in the fitness world, we work when you don’t work! However, I am mentioning this fact because I know that many of you are off this week. Remember to stay active during the week & remind yourself of how great you feel after a workout (if only to help keep you on track). Some easy ways to keep moving this week:

1. Go for a walk. Why not try a new trail (list of Hamilton’s trails)? Check out falls (for a list of waterfalls in the Hamilton, Ontario area, check here)?

2. Go skiing. For those of you who know me, this tip should come to no surprise seeing as I am a skier myself! That being said, many resorts/ski hills remain open for your convenience during March Break; for example: Glen Eden Ski Resort (Milton, ON), Blue Mountain (Collingwood, ON), just to name a few…

3. Go skating. (outdoor if weather permits or at a nearby arena.)

4. Limit your daily TV watching. I know that this may seem obvious BUT most people associate vacation with relaxing on the couch. Unfortunately, the more you sit, the lazier you feel and the harder it will be to motivate yourself to get up and moving!

Of course, there are many other ways that you can stay active this week, but these are a few tips that jumped to my mind. Of course, you can always come and workout at the YW! ( I know, shameless plug on my part).

That’s all for Monday, so until next time, pick an active and keep moving…


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