Girls Just Want to …

Have fun  run too! And they can!!! For the past week, I was so caught up in all the excitement of our YWCA run club, gearing up for their big day that I forgot to mention a FANTASTIC new program that we will be offering in the spring! Monday, April 4th marks the 1st day of our YWCA Girls Run Club– that’s right; you heard it here first, we will be running a girls running program/group for girls aged 9-13 at the YWCA Hamilton (Ottawa street location). When? Monday evenings 4-5pm for 10 weeks!!!

I am so excited about this new program because it combines 2 of my favorite things to do: running and sharing my passion for health and fitness to the “future“! If you are not too familiar with what the YWCA does for girls and the types of programs that we have you can read more here.

Do you have a daughter who is looking for a cool place where she can learn how to safely exercise? send her our way! Marlin and I will be the facilitators and I’ll make sure to blog about our group and how the girls are progressing! so far, fingers crossed (and toes too) that they come in large numbers!


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