For the next few months we’d like to take the time to introduce ourselves to our blog readers (YOU)! here’s Meagan’s introductions and how she came to find her love for fitness and active living!

(Meagan is on the left and on the right is Marlin (our running star))

Hello Readers,

My name is Meagan and I’d like to take the time to introduce myself. You may have noticed me hanging around the Fitness Centre during the last couple of months. I’m actually a new employee of the YWCA and a former co-op student from Mohawk College. I’m extremely happy to have joined the outstanding team of Women working in the YWCA fitness Centre! I’d like to tell you what brought me to the YWCA and how and when I decided to become more active in my daily life. Now that I look back I honestly couldn’t picture my life any other way.

During high school I never considered becoming more active. I played on the water polo team but was more focused on the arts. However, I’ve always been a swimmer and a skater. I then decided to formalize that and join a team throughout my college experience. I began skating more often and became familiar with two of Hamilton’s roller derby teams. I hope to be drafted to the Hamilton Harlots (excuse the name )During my studies it was very challenging to remain an active member of the team, but it opened my eyes to how good being active can make you feel. During my stay at the YWCA, I’ve taken up yoga, and started becoming more aware of my body’s’ musculature system. For me, fitness is a stress reliever and a hobby. I try to stay active everyday and often end up walking and hiking long distances. I’m looking into starting to swim again throughout the summer as well as trying something completely new, and joined a Try-A-Tri team (at the YW). I’m about to begin the first step to becoming a fitness instructor, so wish me luck, and I hope to meet all our members!


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