I’m stressed… Pass the Chocolate!

written by Kim
(trainer, fitness instructor, yoga instructor & triathlete coach)

Step One- Recognize

To reduce negative stress in your life, learn to recognize the signs and symptoms! Understanding your individual reactions to stress as soon as they appear is an important first step in coping more effectively with this challenge.

Step Two- Remind

Immediately remind yourself that you do have choices. There are always choices. You can choose to give in the negative results of stress OR you can seek an alternative. Seeking the alternative, may at first seem more difficult, but with consistent practice behaviours can change.

Step Three- Realistic

Be realistic and as specific as you can. Ask yourself the question: “Is there anything I can realistically control in this particular situation?” Answer honestly. If yes, get busy and take control. Make necessary changes with confidence. If no, take a breath and move on.

Step Four- Reach out

Reach out to the alternatives and options available to you. Not surprisingly, there are many.

1- Remove yourself from the situation

2-Learn not to sweat the small stuff

3-Change the way you react

4-Embrace physical activity… find gratitude in the gift of good health!

5-Do something positive for someone else

6-Don’t overwhelm… prioritize

7-Make more effort to get quality sleep in

8-Avoid the “easy escape” (drugs, alcohol, etc…)

9-Incorporate breathing exercise and/or meditation in your daily routine

10-Seeek alternative viewpoints

11-Fuel and hydrate your body with care

 (image source)


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