Spring?!? INTO Fitness…

written by Carah (Fitness Theory graduate, Personal Trainer / group Fitness Instructor-in-training)

Spring is finally here. Its time to jumpstart your usual workout by trying some new activities to get you outside and shake things up a bit! Here are a few tips to get you outside and enjoying an active lifestyle this fresh new season.


Even if it’s just a walk around the neighbourhood or the park, try to keep it brisk and steady. Bring a friend with you for some added motivation. This will help you to keep up the pace and avoid lapsing into a stroll. If you can, add some intervals. One friend can sprint for 1 minute then the next minute the other can sprint for 1 minute to catch up.


There are many parks around the Hamilton area where you can find stairs or some type of incline. Make sure you are adequately warmed up then you can choose your pace and start up those stairs. This is a great way to get that heart rate up and once you get to the top you can have a bit a recovery while you are safely making your way back down at a steady pace.


While you are outside for a walk/run in the park, to step up the intensity try bringing some resistance bands with you. Most parks have some type of fence you can use as an anchor and perform some side leg lifts, tricep kickbacks or maybe a row? If you bring a friend you can even do some partner exercises. These bands are great because they are light-weight and portable, easy to carry with out wherever your travels take you.


Another easy option to add to your walk or hike is to stop and do some isometric work because you don’t necessarily need any equipment, just your body itself. Do a plank, side plank, a held squat, or any other strength move of your choice.


Also another exercise that can be done pretty much anywhere, the push-up is a great compound exercise. You can do them from your toes or knees, or even with your hands on a bench. This is a great why to add some extra challenge.

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