Where to walk?

written by Meagan (Fitness staff & previous YW Co-op student)

Here at the YW, we try to get as many people involved in what we call active living, and that’s basically including some sort of physical body movement throughout your day. To live an active lifestyle, you have to do it your way! However, I’ll tell you a little bit about one of my favorite way: simply walking. There are many times throughout the day that we could easily fit in a brief stroll. So let me tell you some of the benefits of regular walking.

  • Better energy levels and mood
  • Improved sleep habits
  • Better stress management (something we could all benefit from)
  • Improved weight control when combined with healthy eating
  • Less chance of lifestyle factors impacting chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, etc)

With the arrival of spring, and summer (hopefully J) not too far off, I’ve had a lot of people; some members, some not ask me for some popular walking spots around Hamilton. Throughout this entry, I’ll highlight three of my favorite places to walk and show what they have to offer the community.

1)       Gage Park

(image source)

There are numerous activities to do while at Gage Park. The City of Hamilton actually calls this a large, multi-purpose park with recreational opportunities. Apart from having walk-able and accessible trails, Gage has large open green spaces (perfect for picnics, walking the dogs, playing with your children, reading a book), open trails with flowering rose gardens in the summer and even playgrounds and a water park for children to play in. Currently there is some construction occurring around the fountain, but I’d recommend this place as a definite “hot-spot” to check out In Hamilton. Not to mention all the sites I’m listing are FREE!

2)       Beach Trail

(image source)

Both the Hamilton and the Burlington beach trails are accessible and have wide evenly-paved trails, perfect for runners and joggers and casual walkers. The paved gravel allows safe cycling, skating, and makes enjoying the trail easier for people in wheelchairs or those who use other assistive devices. Stretching from Hamilton to Burlington under the bridge, this trail is a natural asset to Hamilton and Burlington. Not to mention the beach volleyball courts by Barangas Restaurant.

3)       Bay Front Park

(image source)

There are so many attractions at Bay Front Park that they’re hard to count. If you’d like to include the jungle gym, and walking trails, large parking lots, grassy areas (perfect for a packed lunch) and the paths that extend two ways around the waterfront. These trails also have measured distances every 200 metres so you can measure how far you’re walking. Apart from being close to central Hamilton and accessible by street entrance and even bus, this area defiantly makes a spot to be this summer!

All in all, these are only a few of my favorite places to walk and skate, however, I’m sure some of you have your own preferences or even special gems hidden around Hamilton. Let us know how you’re liking your healthy active lifestyle!


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