The Balancing Act

Written by Meagan, FITstaff

Balancing Barriers!

How to Fight Them. 

 A lot of the time, I am my biggest weakness. I have found through personal experience that it’s that little voice in my head that often defeats what physical activity I set out to do. I hear a lot of barriers mentioned by close friends and family. They usually relate to time, motivation and energy. I’ve found that there are several things that we can do in our personal lives to combat these barriers and stop ourselves from holding us back!

Barrier 1: I don’t have enough time.

Sometimes it helps to keep a log of our daily activities for even just one week. That way we have some added perspective when looking at our activity habits. Doing this can also open our eyes to chunks of free time we never realize existed. Also, by cutting television time, by even half an hour, beneficial amount of physical activity can be added to our day.

Barrier 2: I have no motivation.

I try to plan ahead for these activities. Also thinking of how great you will feel after exercising will most likely  motivate also. If you find you are having trouble committing, you could get recruit a friend to help out. This way you have someone apart from yourself pushing you to try your very best!

Barrier 3: With work, and my kids, I can’t find a balance.

Kids need exercise too. Bring them along for a short walk after dinner or for a walk with the dog. Playing at the park can be fun for both you and your children, especially with a soccer ball or a Frisbee.  Its also important to educate kids on how great it is to be and stay active, you can make it a family activity and you’ll all have fun.

Barrier 4: I can’t afford a gym membership

It never hurts to ask about subsidization at any local recreation agency; including the YWCA. Most agencies offer these kinds of memberships; all you have to do is ask. Many places have free programs, ask us about Woman Alive! It’s also useful to familiarize yourself with the natural resources and areas that your city offers; such as parks, trails for walking and cycling, and play areas.

Barrier 5: Lack of Energy

Also keeping up with the importance of keeping a daily log, it’s a valuable tool to analyze time that you feel the most energetic and the least energetic. Then it’s a matter of planning things on times you feel revitalized rather than when you feel lethargic. Keep up with what you’re eating and make sure you’re getting a variety from all food groups. Lastly, focus on the fact that exercise is proven to give you more energy. Basically the more active you are; the more energy you will have in the long run.

These are just a few barriers that people face day to day and these are just some of the popular ways that they can be overcome. Please keep in mind that these are all situational and will vary from individual to individual.

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