Challenge yourself with Circuit Bootcamp!

If you have looked at our MacNab schedule recently, then you have no doubt noticed that we now offer Circuit Bootcamp on Sunday mornings.

Have you tried it yet?  Starts at 8:30am.

Don’t let the words ‘bootcamp’ or ‘circuit’ intimidate you, because as with all our classes, you exercise at your own pace!  You don’t need to be concerned about keeping up with anyone.  We cater to include all levels; and a circuit is an excellent way to meet this demand!

 A circuit is a type of class where exercises are divided into stations.  Each person (or group of persons) start at a different station; complete the exercise at that station for a specific time frame then rotate to a different station.  This rotation continues until everyone completes all stations at least once.   Take a break when you need it, and time willing, resume to complete a few more reps!

Trust me, it’s FUN and because of that, time flies!

If weight loss is a goal of yours, then circuit training can be one of your best friends!  You get a total body workout—cardio and muscle conditioning simultaneously—all in less than an hour!

So, challenge yourself this Sunday, then every Sunday after that with our Circuit Bootcamp!


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