Record Breaking Zumba Road Trip!?!!?

Our Road Trip to Paris (Ontario, that is!) 

(Posted by Jen…..Group fitness and Zumba Instructor)

On Saturday, June 25, 2011, 14 members of the YWCA Hamilton took a road trip to Paris, ON to try and get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Zumba Dance.

The day started off gray and not too hot, so it seemed to be perfect conditions for a 35 minute Zumba class outside.  We met at the YWCA at 10:45 and got organized into cars to go to Paris.  Wendy found Joe to take our group shot before we left.

 At 11am, we were off!

Upon arrival at the Lions Park in Paris, we headed to where the crowd was hanging out.  A guy with a megaphone was directing everyone off the grid painted on the grass as it was going to be our group counter.

Just after 12pm, he announced that we could start filling the grid and we would get coloured cloths to tie to ourselves above the waist.  We were in the third grouping and got beautiful teal cloths that matched our hats perfectly.

We then followed the volunteers to the staging area in downtown Paris and got into position.  Just before 1pm, the 8 instructors got us started.  The air horn sounded and we spent the next 35 minutes following the instructors as best as we could.

At the end of 35 minutes, the air horn sounded again to signal the end of the attempt.

So, did we break the record??

Unfortunately, we came up short, but we had so much fun!

I would like to say a great big THANKS to all of our ladies for taking time out of their Saturday to go to Paris, to Joe for taking our group shots, and for the volunteer in Paris who took our “After” group shot!  And, finally, a BIG Shout Out to Wendy for getting us all matching T-shirts and Hats!  I had a lot of fun painting our logo onto them!

And, one final THANKS to Mary-Ellen for finding out about the event!!!

Maybe we can do it again!


2 responses to “Record Breaking Zumba Road Trip!?!!?

  1. Does anyone know in round numbers how many calories the you burn off in a typical zumba dance , say 5 mins. I am attempting to build a diet centred on Zumba

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